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Commentaries on various operatic subjects

Thoughts and Assessments at the End of 2016

Over 11 years ago, I began the series of reviews, interviews and essays that constitute the content of the website. Later in 2017, I expect to post my 500th opera live performance review. At the end of each of the past eight years, I’ve posted essays that I call “thoughts and assessments”, in which I discuss issues […]

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Grading San Francisco Opera Performances for 2016

Beginning with calendar year 2006, I have given letter grades to each of San Francisco Opera’s productions during that calendar year.  Like the seminars associated with Ph.D. programs, I do not grade “on a curve”, but, instead expect that a San Francisco Opera performance of any opera, like a seminar grade for a doctoral student, […]

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Six or so Reasons to Experience “Andrea Chénier” at San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House

The San Francisco Opera’s 2016-17 season is filled with delights. For me, the highlights include the world premiere of an opera based on the supreme achievement of classical Chinese literature, The Dream of the Red Chamber and a new Francesca Zambello production of Verdi’s “Aida”. It also includes the return of Puccini’s “La Boheme” in 2017, the opera […]

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